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Your Relative or Your Family Member Needs Someone With Them
There are many times when a family member or relative has to go to a doctor appointment, procedure or be in the hospital and no one else can be with them to understand the medical situation and keep the family up-to-date. It is helpful to understand what is happening medically when a person goes to see a doctor or has a procedure. Before a procedure there are often explanations given as to what will be happening and when the doctor will return with more information. Then after the procedure the results or more information is given by the doctor. It is difficult for the patient to remember everything or understand all the medical words even when they have had no anesthesia that can make them sleepy and have a difficult time remembering. Medical Advisor Concierge can be at the patient’s side to gather the information from the doctor before and after the procedure and explain what is going on to the patient and their family. The patient can feel like someone is there just for them.



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