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Under Control

Jerry D was recently diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. His doctor prescribed medication to control his blood sugar levels. After several months his blood sugar was still not under control. He switched to a new internist and additionally saw a Diabetes specialist. The amount of information he received from both doctors overwhelmed Jerry so he called us and gave us permission to speak to his new doctors about his case.

We reviewed the information given to us by his physicians and distilled it down for Jerry in a simple and thorough manner. We explained his doctor’s plans to get his Diabetes under control, stressed the importance of a properly balanced diet and answered all of his questions regarding his medication and prognosis for a normal life.

Jerry now has all the answers he needs to eat properly and take his medications to control his Diabetes. He is assured when there are questions in the future, he knows who to call.


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Real Life Examples

Cleared up the Confusion

Jane L called us a few months ago wanting to know about her new blood pressure medications. She has high blood pressure and it recently shot up to dangerous levels. Her doctor increased her dose of an existing medication and added a second one in order to control her condition.

Jane was confused because she didn’t feel sick. As a result she didn’t take her medications. She contacted us in order to get some real answers in a language she could understand.

We immediately emphasized to her the importance of taking her blood pressure medications at the prescribed dosages and times. We also suggested that she purchase a home blood pressure meter to keep track of her pressure and to inform her doctor immediately if there was another change in her condition.

She now has a thorough understanding of her condition and checks her blood pressure several times a week. Jane’s blood pressure is under control and is glad we were there for her.

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