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How to Get the Most Out of Your Doctor Appointment
If you can, have a medically knowledgeable person go with you to a doctor’s appointment. The medically knowledgeable person can take notes, interpret and help ask questions. If you cannot have someone go with you, then prepare before you go. Start by writing down on a pad of paper your questions. Bring these questions and a pen and pad of paper on which to take notes. As you ask your questions, write yourself some notes from the doctor’s answers. Especially list what you are to do or not do, how often and for how many days. Ask the doctor to explain the words that are not clear.

The medical world is fast paced with little time for each patient. Medical Advisor Concierge can go with you to your doctor appointment and help you ask questions and explain what you hear. If you think of questions after your doctor appointment, you can call us to help you get answers.


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