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Just like with Over-the-Counter medications, there are allowable amounts of vitamins and supplements you can take. There are different sources that state different amounts. Since these are not regulated by the government and often don’t cost as much as prescriptions, there is often conflicting information regarding how much to take of these. More research appears every year to help promote the benefits of various vitamins and supplements. These benefits are often beyond the basic RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) amounts.

Even though vitamins and supplements are non-prescription and readily available in stores without talking to a doctor, you can take too much of some of them. They can have side effects just like prescription and Over-the-Counter medications. Call Medical Advisor Concierge to help you review your vitamins and supplements along with your Over-the-Counter and prescription medications. The goal is to take the least to do the most for you.

Your Vitamins and Supplements
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