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Medical Advisor Concierge explains your medical records in understandable terms. We can become your advocate at the doctor’s office or hospital to listen, interpret and ask questions for you. We provide a wide range of medical record, medication, support and medical research services.

  • How often have you seen doctors and are not sure what they said?
  • Have you thought of questions after the doctor left your room and now you have no answers?
  • Do you have many physicians providing care for you? Are your physicians in several cities or states? Do they all know what is happening with all aspects of your health care?
  • Do you want a clear picture of the care you are receiving in the hospital or at the nursing home?
  • Do you need someone to interpret what you hear at the doctor’s office,
    procedure or surgery?
  • Do you know how your medications may be affecting you?
  • Do you want to know more about a medical condition or treatment?
  • Do you need a medical bedside advocate to stay with a loved one during a hospitalization?
  • Do you need a medical travel companion for a trip?
  • Do you need a medical companion after a cosmetic or elective procedure?
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